Employment & CIT’s

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)

Being a CIT at LifeSeeds Summer Camp
If you have completed 9th grade, you are eligible to be a CIT at LifeSeeds Summer Camp. The process is slightly different this year, as the eligible age for campers has been raised to 15. This means that anyone who is interested in being a CIT must be a registered camper. All CIT’s will register as campers, but will pay only $175 per week. If you are interested in being a CIT, simply register as a camper (including the $50 deposit) and then send an email to lifeseedsorg@gmail.com. We will then adjust your balance to reflect the balance due as a CIT AND send you an application that pertains especially to CIT’s. In addition to the traditional experience of attending camp, CIT’s will also:

  • Be designated as Pride Group ‘Captains’
  • Receive T shirts designated for CIT’s
  • Participate in Counselor Training and Meetings
  • Enjoy counselor breakfasts and lunchesReceive special training sessions multiple times each week, with topics such as: 
    • Effective coaching
    • Leadership
    • Responsible decision-making
    • Be given leadership roles and opportunities throughout camp




Being a Counselor at LifeSeeds Summer Camp

Are you interested in doing work this summer that is rewarding and fun? Then LifeSeeds Summer Camp may be a great fit for you! If you are entering your 10th grade year of school, you are eligible to apply for a CIT/Volunteer position at LifeSeeds Summer Camp. If you have completed 10th grade, you are eligible to apply for a position as a counselor at LifeSeeds Summer Camp. LifeSeeds Summer Camp will be held at Arcadia University.

A counselor’s day is filled high-energy activities, opportunities to engage and mentor young campers, and many uplifting moments of joy. Most of the staff and the campers use the word ‘family’ to describe LifeSeeds Summer Camp. As a counselor, you are a part of the LifeSeeds Family and will feel the love, support, and encouragement that fills each day at camp.

The average ‘work day’ for counselors at LifeSeeds is approximately 8:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. Some days you will get wet, other days you will be tired, but every day you will be hugged and loved beyond measure! LifeSeeds counselors are expected to be positive, enthusiastic, patient, kind, and hard-working.

The ‘Do Right’ Principles govern our camp:

Do the right thing. 

Always do your best.  

Be nice to others.

If this sounds like something that you would enjoy, please complete a 2020 LifeSeeds Camp Counselor Application Form and send to Dave Burton via email lifeseedsorg@gmail.com or by snail mail:
Dave Burton, 2026 Pleasant Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038

LifeSeeds Camp is an Equal Opportunity Employer.