If you have ever spent any time hiking or walking in the woods, you have probably come upon a lone tree growing on a rocky cliff. If you were to you stop and think about it, you might realize that this tree had to really work to become, well, a tree!

How many seeds must have been blown and scattered over these rocks before one actually made its way down through the cracks and into the soil? How many of those seeds had to make it into the soil before one actually sprouted out of the ground? Finally, how many of those little sprouts had to pop up before one had the strength and perseverance to fight their way up through the cracks and into the world?

The tree that you see is one that was given many opportunities before it may have actually succeeded at becoming a tree. I believe that we all deserve the same opportunities in life to reach our potential as human beings. Fortunately, many of us have very fertile, rich soil in which we can grow. We are given just the right amount of nourishment and ‘sunlight’, and protected from things which might harm us in some way. We are allowed to grow into strong, beautiful individuals, surrounded by love, support, and encouragement.

There are many people, however, who live in a much less supportive environment. It may be cold, hard, and often dark. It is difficult to see the ‘light’ and experience the ‘nourishment’ that does exist for all of us.
At LifeSeeds, our goal is to spread ‘seeds’ of hope and optimism to the people that we serve through a variety seminars, lectures, and activities. This is not a false sense of hope, mind you. Rather, our goal is to allow people to reflect on their own lives so that they might realize their individual strengths, talents, and beauty. Additionally, through experiential learning, we offer opportunities for individuals to apply these traits in a variety of situations so that they might experience the joy that comes from such an experience.

The special nature of what often happens in a LifeSeeds seminar or adventure begins with each individual who shares him or herself with others. It continues with the awesome power and beauty that often results from the combined efforts of so many unique and talented individuals. The event takes care of itself, but it is the amazing process – the struggle up through the rocks – that is so rewarding to those involved.