Scattered Seeds Creative Arts at LifeSeeds Camp

Creative Arts (pending for 2019)
Join in the fun by expressing your creativity with us! Explore drama and acting through games, interactive lessons, and activities, which focus on basic techniques and character development. We’ll work collaboratively, both as an ensemble and as individuals, intentionally promoting a sense of confidence and camaraderie. We provide a safe place for kids to push past their walls and discover abilities that they didn’t know existed and have a blast in the process. We’re so excited about your kids participating with us for a week of acting!

Scattered Seeds invites creative thinkers who long to set their artistic spirits free, to embrace imagination and dare to dream and visualize beyond the expected. We want to remind you that as creators, you can be the ones to scatter seeds of creativity. These seeds are the source from which beautiful masterpieces grow through hums, heartbeats, brushstrokes, light beams, leaps, melodies and harmonies, twirls, shadows, dreams, footsteps, tiny sparks and giant fireworks, whispers of blue, tears of purple, shouts of green, and declarations of triumph.

When not collaborating with LifeSeeds Camp, Scattered Seeds offers additional summer camps, performances and classes. Check us out at or on Facebook or contact us at or (267) 535-0559.