LifeSeeds Summer Camp

LifeSeeds Summer Camp

Each day at LifeSeeds, campers spend a portion of their morning and afternoon in their respective chosen sports. It is during this time that campers have the opportunity to learn more about the sport which they chose. Our staff utilizes a variety of teaching methods, including fundamental drills, game simulations, fun activities, and live competition. The activities are based on the developmental level of the groups being taught, and provide challenging but fun experiences for all of the campers.

Our sports staff consists primarily of individuals who have played and/or coached their respective sport at the high school and/or college level. While their experience is important, it is their enthusiasm that makes our staff at LifeSeeds so very special!

A wonderful aspect of LifeSeeds is that our staff works especially hard to ensure that every child feels truly valued. Whether you are a beginner or a proven veteran in your sport, our LifeSeeds Staff will challenge you and provide with the opportunity to improve.


 Competition is not the focus of our sports camps, but we do enjoy competitive games and contests within our various sports camps. The level of competition is often based on the developmental level and age of the group. These games provide wonderful opportunities for our staff to teach and reinforce our camp philosophy, which is based on building respectful and responsible relationships.

Each day during our closing ceremonies, each of our sports camps recognize a “Camper of the Day” and a “Spirit Award Winner of the Day.” The camper of the day is presented to the camper who best exhibited an understanding and application of the sport being taught. The spirit award is presented to the camper who best models the “LifeSeeds Way” during the course of the camp day. These presentations are celebrated by the staff, the entire camp, and often the parents who are in attendance at the end of the day. It has become a great tradition at LifeSeeds to end our day with these awards. 

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