“Dave’s seminar touched my professional as well as my personal life in many positive ways. He has helped me realize a deeper meaning of my purpose as an educator, husband, and father. Dave is able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. In my opinion, this is one of the most important educational experiences you will ever encounter.”
– Fred Lomady – Willow Grove, PA

“Dave Burton imparts much more than knowledge. He stimulates you with new ideas and new ways to look at old ideas. He develops an energy that will help you see your best and true self. Through his ability to create a safe and trusting environment, we were able to achieve success beyond our individual talents and abilities.”
– Monica Maiese – Souderton, PA

“Dave Burton is one of the most inspiring educators I have encountered!  Every teacher should be required to take his Mentoring and Motivating Students course.  You cannot experience his course and without being changed as a result.”
– Andrea Freese – Exeter, PA

“I have become a better person and teacher because of Dave’s class. His positive attitude makes you look at the world in a new light. In a short amount of time, he was able to create a sense of community that allowed a group of strangers to trust each other and accomplish tasks that would have been impossible without teamwork. He truly is an inspiration.”
– Bridget Adams – Huntingdon Valley, PA

“Dave incorporated his personal experiences, which allowed the class to open up and share their own experiences…and then tied up all the lose ends with a whole lot of FUN! I’ve never had such a dynamic class and was really pleased with what I learned. I took things that I could use in the classroom, I learned about my teaching style, and I took a closer look at who I am as a person! Sometimes it was a challenge, not wanting to admit out loud or even to myself where I’ve made mistakes or what areas in my personal life I need to improve. There was so much to take from the class…ideas to put into instruction, strategies to put into my teaching style, and examining myself as a person. I couldn’t believe you squeezed it all into one week!”
– Jennifer Burkholder – Pottstown, PA

“I had the pleasure and great opportunity to take Dave Burton’s course Mentoring and Motivating Students. I think it is an amazing feat for an instructor to not only mange to make a class interesting and enjoyable, but to be able to make it life changing (on a weekend no less!) is pretty awe-inspiring.

Dave has a genuine warmth and regard that comes through in his instruction. Because of that, I was able to take away activities and concepts and apply them in my job the very next day. Awesome class, amazing instructor.”
– Vicki Morgan – Pottstown, PA

“My players really enjoyed Dave’s enthusiasm and spirit. He gave my players and team the opportunity to work together in a way that helped them gain a deeper understanding of one another. This was an experience that I highly recommend, as it transcended their (my players) idea of a team. My team was truly different – in a positive way – after spending the afternoon with Dave.”
― Faith McCracken – Ambler, PA

“My team enjoyed the team-building activities and the opportunity to get to know one another at a different level. They really had fun, but also learned a lot about trust and how it can positively affect a team. I recommend this team-building seminar for any team.”
― Don Roach – (Brandywine Heights Area High School) Topton, PA